Senior Decision Makers From Electric Utilities With The Following Job Titles:

  • CEO, COO
  • VP of Distribution
  • VP of Engineering and Operations
  • VP of Distributed Generation
  • Director of Smart Grid
  • Director of Distribution Operations
  • Director of Technology Integration
  • Director of Distribution Planning & Reliability
  • Director of Asset Management
  • Director of Distribution Engineering
  • Director of Emergency Management
  • Director of NERC Compliance
  • Director of Operations Director of Smart Meter Program
  • Director of Vegetation Management
  • Chief IT Architect
  • Chief Technology Adviser
  • Manager of Asset Strategy & Planning
  • Manager of Distribution Automation
  • Manager of DMS Systems
  • Manager of Grid Modernization Group
  • Manager of Smart Grid Interoperability
  • Manager of Substation Automation
  • Senior Distribution Engineers and Project Leaders

Plus Industry Stakeholders From...

  • Distribution Systems Management Providers
  • Control Systems Providers
  • Distribution Integration Suppliers 
  • Communications Companies
  • Data Management & Analytics Specialists
  • DMS, OMS & AMI Suppliers
  • Volt/Var Suppliers
  • Fault Detection System Suppliers
  • Switchgear Suppliers
  • Network Device Suppliers
  • Wireless Solutions Providers
  • Substation Distribution Equipment
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Systems
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Protection Equipment 
  • Training Simulation Providers
  • Storm Restoration Equipment & Services
  • Undergrounding Providers
  • Distribution Automation Consultants

Distribution Automation & Grid Modernization Business Case Summit 2013

Recent extreme severe weather events such as Superstorm Sandy, along with the torrent of winter storms, provide a stark reminder that distribution systems still require significant upgrading to achieve the actual levels of resilience and reliability that are required. Further work is also needed to realize the potential of and increase returns from assets already deployed.

Whether it is OMS, DMS, volt/var or even tree trimming, it is important to understand exactly what quantifiable benefits can be gained from investment in these initiatives.

Having left nearly 9 million people powerless from Maine to North Carolina, Sandy also sparked further interest in renewable energy initiatives: But what impact will this all have on grid operations and investment plans?

Bringing together over 20 experts and senior decision makers, the Distribution Automation & Grid Modernization Business Case Summit 2013 will provide business case analysis and strategic implementation results across distribution automation, hardening and distributed generation initiatives to identify how to deliver the greatest returns in reliability and resiliency, as well as value for customers.

This unique utility-led North American forum, now in its 3rd edition and redesigned for 2013 to address:

STRATEGIC GRID MODERNIZATION PLANNING: Business Case Analysis To Decipher The Highest Cost Benefit Initiatives For Increasing Resilience And Reliability Indices

UTILIZING DATA FROM THE GRID: Identifying How To Collect, Manage and Analyze System Data To Guide Operational Improvements And Increase Value From Deployed Assets

DISTRIBUTION AUTOMATION BUSINESS CASES: Understanding Actual Gains Achieved In Terms Of Cost, Performance And Efficiency Savings From Volt/Var Optimization, Substation Automation And DMS Implementation

HARDENING PLANS AND LESSONS LEARNED FROM HURRICANE SANDY: Assessing Measurable Improvements And Paybacks From Traditional Hardening Methods Vs. Automation To Better Allocate Resources

INTEGRATING DISTRIBUTED RESOURCES: Understanding The Impact Of Renewables Integration And How This Should Be Incorporated Into Grid Modernization Plans

COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE: Evaluating Different Strategic Approaches To Provide A Long-term, Cost Effective, Reliable And Secure System To Support Deployment Of Intelligent Devices

REAL-TIME FAULT DETECTION: Capitalizing On The Latest Live Monitoring And Communication Technologies For Quicker Failure Detection, Restoration And Outage Prevention

REGULATORY VIEW: Assessing How Smart Grid Regulations And Incentives Are Likely To Evolve To Guide Future Planning

View The Full Agenda Here

Schneider Electric

"Excellently focused topics"


7 Key Reasons To Attend:

  • As the original Distribution Automation Summit, this is the only event that guarantees a utility-led agenda, delivered by 18+ Smart Grid Directors, Distribution Managers and Project Directors with limited vendor presentations strictly based on thought leadership
  • Take away a tool box of business case examples to support development of a holistic grid modernization plan based on strategic implementation results for improving reliability, resiliency & preparing for shifting demand in distributed generation
  • Understand actual field implementation results to help you demonstrate the long-term quantifiable benefits of volt/var, DMS, OMS and other distribution automation initiatives
  • Discover lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy and cost-benefit analysis for system hardening options to assess the right balance between investment in traditional hardening methods vs. automation
  • Uncover how to drive operational improvement and get more value from assets already deployed by learning from best practices of data collection, management and analysis
  • Understand the opportunities and operational risks from increased distributed generation to better incorporate into grid modernization plans
  • Network with strategic leaders and innovation pioneers in this dedicated distribution grid forum with extended networking opportunities at the exclusive drinks reception included in your pass at the end of Day One
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